Our Environmental Commitment

At Marc Jacobs International, innovation, creativity, excellence in craftsmanship, and careful consideration for how our work affects the natural environment are all integral to our products. We work to continually reduce the impact our products have on the world we live in.

Reflecting this, we maintain stringent requirements for our company and every supplier we work with. Our products adhere to every environmental and product safety regulation around the world, and we constantly seek ways to improve our performance.

Making clothes that are safe to wear for all our customers is of the highest priority for Marc Jacobs International. All of our suppliers operate under strict requirements to ensure our products are safe, which include complying with all laws, rules and regulations on a worldwide basis. This is all detailed in our stringent supplier compliance program. As part of this, we maintain an ongoing product testing program to ensure compliance with our principles and the regulations that govern our business. We also complete regular, random and unannounced audits and inspections of our suppliers to verify their social performance and working conditions.

We recognize that there is always room to enhance our practices, and we continually assess opportunities to work with our suppliers to further reduce environmental impact. We continue to strive to reach the goal of zero impact on the environment, and while there’s more work to do, we pursue that goal aggressively.
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